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Chilli Flakes & Crushed Chilli

Handling whole chillies should be done with caution as the capsaicin content can cause a burning sensation on contact with skin. Always wash your hands and nails very thoroughly after handling chillies. A solution to this is to use ready crushed chillies. They have already been made into chilli flakes that can be easily added to food without the need to touch them.

We are pleased to offer a diverse selection of crushed chillies, enabling you to include heat and flavour in your cooking effortlessly, without having to handle the chilli flakes.

The most versatile crushed chilli and an essential ingredient in every kitchen is the Red Chilli. These have a spicy peppery flavour with fiery heat and are perfect for general use in a plethora of recipes that call for chilli flakes.

Other regional crushed chillies are available with varying levels of heat and significant differences in flavour:

De Arbol – These Mexican chillies are very hot with a heat rating guide of explosive to volcanic. They are wonderful to use in stews, soups, oils, vinegars and salsas as their flavour is fresh and sharp.

Guajillo – Another crushed chilli from Mexico but with a sultry to spicy heat and a sweet yet tangy flavour. These are ideal to use when making authentic Enchiladas, but also enhance salsas, sauces, soups and stews.

Mulato – Sultry chillies with a delicious smoky flavour and essential in a Mexican Mole sauce. They add a great depth of flavour to all soups, stews and sauces. Try them in our recipe for Turkey Mole!

Chipotle – Caribbean chilli flakes with a fiery heat, very versatile in soups, stews and sauces but also work well with fish and exotic vegetables. Their flavour is sweet, nutty and smoky.

Piri-Piri – With an explosive to volcanic heat, these are extensively used in Portuguese cuisine and Spanish tapas such as Gambas Pil Pil.

In addition to imparting flavour and heat, all of these chillies will give a little texture and colour to your recipes, but do use them sparingly as it is far easier to add heat to a dish than remove it!