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When searching to buy herbs online many people are unaware of the difference between freeze-drying and other methods of drying herbs. The following is our attempt to clarify the freeze-drying process and hopefully assist you in choosing your dried cooking herbs.

Dried Herbs

Freeze-dried herbs are dried by rapidly freezing them then removing the ice by using pressure to change the ice to vapour without melting it into the water stage. Consequently the technique of freeze-drying preserves the structure of the product with very little alteration. By removing the water content from the herbs, microscopic pores are left behind which enable the herbs to be easily reconstituted by rehydration. When you buy herbs online that have been preserved in this way, you will find that they have not shrunk and that their flavour and smell are generally unchanged, as is their nutritional content.

Alternatively, herbs can be air-dried which is a more traditional method. We are pleased to offer a further selection of herbs online that are traditionally air-dried which can be viewed here.

Whichever format you choose when you buy herbs online from Seasoned Pioneers, you are always guaranteed that we have selected the finest cooking herbs available, with the best flavour, colour and structure.