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The Middle Eastern countries, which include Syria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Iran, make for a fascinating mix of culture, religion and cuisine.

Exploring unveils inspirationally flavoured and fragrant dishes for the adventurous cook. Middle Eastern cuisines are rivalled only by India in their passionate use of spices, a legacy of the Persian Empire’s control of the spice trade.

Middle Eastern ingredients are becoming increasingly popular and easy to source in the West, so the ability to purchase Middle Eastern spices online contributes to the current enjoyment of and deserved acclaim for a wonderful cuisine.

The most famous street food, falafel, are small fritters of crushed chick peas and fava beans, flavoured with Middle Eastern spices of cumin and coriander. They are traditionally served in flat breads such as pitta, with pickles, salad and tahini.

Other Middle Eastern spices and herbs include caraway seeds, sumac berries, cinnamon bark, mint and the Iranian herbal mix called Sabzi Gormeh. The staple Middle Eastern ingredients of wheat, barley, rice and maize are all prepared with an abundance of Middle Eastern spices and fresh herbs. Bread in many different forms is also a staple food, served alongside most meals and used to scoop up food with the right hand.

When buying Middle Eastern spices online, be sure to try our array of fantastic blends of Middle Eastern spices. We offer Iranian Advieh, Kuwaiti Bahar, Egyptian Dukkah, Yemeni Hawaj, Saudi Arabian Kabsa and the regional Baharat, Shawarma and Zahtar/Za’atar. The blends vary in heat from mild to explosive, but each are packed with the authentic flavours of the Middle East.

Recipes using Middle Eastern ingredients are easy to find and some superb cookery books have recently been published, such as Ottolenghi & Tamimis Jerusalem. We hope that you feel inspired to experiment with this exciting and diverse cuisine and that buying your Middle Eastern spices online with us ensures that you achieve fantastic results!

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