Iraqi Sauteed Liver

Iraqi Sauteed Liver


30 Minutes






Contains Nuts, Coeliacs

Making this recipe


  • Fresh Coriander (to garnish)
  • Lemon (to garnish)
  • Liver (350g / 12oz)
  • Plain Flour (150g / 5oz)
  • Sesame Oil (1 very good glug)
  • Baharat Spice Blend (2 tsp)

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1) Heat the sesame oil in a wok until hot.

2) Meanwhile cut the liver into thin strips.

3) Mix the flour and baharat together and put on a plate.

4) Coat a few of the liver strips in the flour mix and throw into the wok.

5) Keep adding the liver strips one at a time so the oil retains its heat (this stops soggy flour lumps forming) until the wok bottom is covered.

6) Keeping moving the strips around and fry for about 3 to 5 minutes. Remove and keep warm while you fry the next batch.

7) Serve with lemon and fresh coriander.

For Qatar Kibda Bi Tum:
Add loads of crushed garlic to the sesame oil

For Libyan Kabda Camman:
Add crushed white Cumin seeds to the flour mix

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