8 Seed Bread Mix

Knead the Seed – 8 Seed Mix

Product Size: 250g
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Knead the Seed 8 seed mix: A delectable blend of 8 wholesome mini seeds; white sesame seeds, brown linseed, black sesame seeds, nigella seeds, chia seeds, blue poppy seeds, white poppy seeds and golden linseed – easy on the crunch and big on the flavour!

Each pack contains approximately 30 tablespoons, we recommend adding 2 – 3 tablespoons per large loaf, so that’s at least 10 tasty loaves!

Alternatively you can sprinkle the seeds into stir-fries and smoothies or over┬ásalads, muesli, granola, yoghurt, pasta and dips…….


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Dietary Requirements: Vegetarian Vegan Coeliacs Dairy Free

White Sesame Seeds, Brown Linseed,

Black Sesame Seeds, Nigella Seeds, Chia Seeds,

Blue Poppy Seeds, White Poppy Seeds, Golden Linseed

Typical Values per 100g serving: Energy 1940kJ/469kcal,
Fat 32.4g, of which saturates 4.3g, Carbohydrate 36.5g, of which
sugars <0.1g, Fibre 26.8g, Protein 21.4g, Salt<0.1g


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