Grains of Paradise, Whole

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Aboriginal to the coasts of Africa, Grains of Paradise are a unique spice. Also known as Melegueta Pepper or Koratima, these corns come from the same family as cardamom. The grains have a sweet, coconut flavour with notes of allspice and clove.

Grains of Paradise are a superb alternative to black pepper. The complex African spice is great with lamb, chicken, rice and vegetables. Try adding it to the African classic Babotie or add to your gin and tonic!

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Ideally used in: Condiment

Excellent with: Chicken Lamb Rice Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

1 review for Grains of Paradise, Whole

  1. Francina

    Dear Matt, Mark and the Seasoned Pioneers Team, I received the Grains of Paradise yesterday. The product was delicious and the service was excellent!

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