Black Peppercorns Vietnamese, Whole

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Vietnamese black peppercorns are large with a yellow inside. Their flavour is delicate and fruity with strong, spicy tobacco notes. Vietnamese peppercorns compliment any vegetable, salad and dressing. They are also perfect to use on delicately flavoured fish when baked or fried.

These peppercorns are great to use as a table condiment, as they bring a delightfully fresh flavour to meals. Try adding to a Caesar salad dressing to lift and cut through the creamy flavour.

They are a true kitchen staple from a kitchen novice to a gourmet pepper lover!

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2 reviews for Black Peppercorns Vietnamese, Whole

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    Travelling through Vietnam i was informed i would taste the best peppercorns in the world and i they weren’t wrong. Tasting the country in this little foiled beauty has brought back the smoky french atmosphere of old Hanoi and you will love it too. The peppercorn has never looked so good. Truly one of natures greatest gifts to mankind and your kitchen. Love it. Alan.

  2. Cyril Barnett (verified owner)

    Wonderfully fruity flavour and add a nice spicy warmth to meals. We use these all the time as they’re irresistible.

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