File (Sassafras) Powder

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Filé Powder has a subtle flavour with tart, citrus notes. The powder is made from young leaves of the Sassafras Albidum tree and features within Louisianan and Creole Cuisine.

Filé is most commonly used to prepare Gumbos, where it adds essential flavour and texture. The powder is always added once the meat or vegetables have finished cooking for a more intense taste!

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Ideally used in: Soups Stews

Excellent with: Chicken Fish Pork Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

6 reviews for File (Sassafras) Powder

  1. Ian

    Hi, I have received my file powder. today I am making shrimp and okra gumbo. In the next few days it will be chicken and sausage FILE gumbo.
    in song – Ian.

  2. Nathan (verified owner)

    Received the item fast, and well packaged. The only thing that I could complain about is the postage – it nearly cost the same as the item itself! I’ll be putting this to good use in a gumbo. So glad I can get this spice easily in the UK so I can make authentic gumbo. 🙂

    Seasoned Pioneers Response: Hi Nathan, we really wish we could send out orders for free! Sadly the high cost of sending a small parcel by Royal Mail means we cannot subsidise the postage charge. However, it is a one-off delivery charge for any size of spice order up to the value of £25 (above which delivery is free) so it is economical to order several spices at once. We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy using our products in the future!

  3. Domenico (verified owner)

    I have received the file powder, yesterday. I instantly made a chicken and sausage gumbo. Was delicious! Cheerz, Domenico

  4. Geoffrey (verified owner)

    Very quick service. Not quite sure what I expected as it was part of a Gumbo recipe. Food turned out OK for a complete novice. Will definitely use this Company again.

  5. William Flynn (verified owner)

    Third time I’ve ordered this for making gumbo. My recipe says its not an essential ingredient but I think it tastes much better with it.

  6. valturner4 (verified owner)

    Looking forward to using my file spice. Perfect little packet.
    Just the box for posting was rather large!
    Shipping cost could be less if it was sent in a different packet.
    But I’m happy to have found you. Great selection of products and I love the recipes.
    Thank you.

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