Cardamom Black, Whole Pods

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Black Cardamom pods are dried over open flames and therefore have an intense smoky and earthy flavour with notes of pine. The pods play a vital role in Indian and Nepalese cuisine as well as boasting useful health benefits. For instance, according to Chinese medicine, black cardamom can be used to subside stomach pain.

The matte brown pods have a wrinkled, ridged texture and are physically different to their cousin green cardamom. Black cardamom also differs in taste and imparts a unique smoky flavour within dishes. Try using in curries, rice dishes and to enhance pickles.

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Ideally used in: Curries

Excellent with: Beef Chicken Lamb Pork Rice Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

1 review for Cardamom Black, Whole Pods

  1. rosiefinch11 (verified owner)

    These are lovely – aromatic and musky – trying them out in a chicken pulao recipe today. Also includes the dried curry leaves which are very good quality, retaining colour and aroma. Thank you.

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