Kaffir Lime Leaves Powdered

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Kaffir lime leaves powdered is the ground version of kaffir lime leaves. The powder has a more intensely clean, sharp and citrus flavour and aroma. The powder is great to use in place of leaves to create a smooth texture. It is typically used in Indonesian and Thai curries, soups and stir-fries and is excellent with fish, noodles and rice dishes.

Powdered kaffir lime leaves can be used to create traditional Asian desserts like tapioca pudding and coconut sticky rice pudding. How about using to add a twist on classics such as panna cotta, syrup cakes and mousses? Try also to make cheesecakes, crème brûlée and even ice cream!

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1 review for Kaffir Lime Leaves Powdered

  1. Helen Brown (verified owner)

    I could give excellent reviews for all of the spices that I get from Seasoned Pioneers (around 50 or so), but I’m particularly impressed by the powdered kaffir lime leaves. Excellent flavour, and a wonderful substitute for the leaves themselves. It’s now a joy to have my favourite Singapore curry without all the little bits of kaffir lime leaves ruining the texture of the sauce. I find that a level teaspoon of powder is a good substitute for ten leaves.

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