White Peppercorns, Indonesian Muntok Whole

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Muntok white peppercorns are sometimes described as the finest on the market! Derived from the Muntok region of Indonesia, they have a biting hot, pungent and peppery flavour. The cultivation process involves removing the outer husk to reveal the creamy white ball inside. They grow on the same vine as black peppercorns but white peppercorns have a milder flavour.

To avoid the appearance of black pepper flecks, Asian cuisine features white pepper, as well as white sauces and potato dishes within Europe cuisine.

Try our recipe for Crab with Tamarind Sauce and Nigerian Chilli and Peanut Chicken! We also offer Ground Muntok white pepper.

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Ideally used in: Condiment Soups

Excellent with: Chicken Fish Rice Seafood Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

1 review for White Peppercorns, Indonesian Muntok Whole

  1. sjdavis2512 (verified owner)

    Delighted to finally find some whole white pepper corns as couldn’t find anything but ground white pepper near me. Quality is superb, just opening the foil pouch was a treat as the aroma was so fresh.

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