Baked Chicken and Onions with Sumac

Baked Chicken and Onions with Sumac





Middle Eastern




Contains Nuts

Making this recipe


  • 4 Arabic flatbreads (Khubz 'arabi)
  • 6 tbspn Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 6 Onions
  • Salt & Pepper (To taste)
  • 6 tspn Sumac
  • 4 Chicken Portions (Leg or Breast)

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1) In a large saute pan, heat half the olive oil. Add the chicken, season with with salt & pepper, then lightly brown on all sides over a medium heat (about 20 minutes). Remove and set aside.

2) Add the remaining olive oil to the pan and cook the onions until translucent (about 35 minutes), stirring occasionally. Add the Sumac and cook for a further couple of minutes to mix.

3) Preheat the oven to 175C / 350F. Cover a 9″ x 12″ baking dish with two overlapping halves of the Arabic or pita bread. Spoon half the onions over each, arrange the chicken on top and cover with the remaining onions and the juices from the casserole. Cover with the remaining halves of bread, tucking in the sides crusty side up.

4) Spray with water and bake until the chicken is very tender and almost falling off the bone (about 1 hours). Before the bread starts to burn, spray with water again or cover with aluminium foil. Serve hot.