Chermoula Salmon Bites

Chermoula Salmon Bites


20 minutes








Making this recipe


120g fresh salmon fillet
4 small pieces of mozzarella
2 tsp Chermoula Spice Blend
1 tsp Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1 egg, beaten
Handful of breadcrumbs
Dash of olive oil

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You will be craving these Chermoula Salmon Bites with oozy cheese and a kick of spice…

Step 1:

On a medium flame, heat a dash of olive oil and lightly fry the salmon until the fish is broken down and flaky.

Step 2:

Add the Chermoula Spice Blend and Lemon Pepper Seasoning and cook for a further two minutes. Remove from heat.

 Step 3:

In a mixing bowl, combine the salmon with half of the beaten egg. Mix well.

 Step 4:

Divide the salmon mixture into four equal chunks. Take one chunk and add a piece of mozzarella into its centre, shaping the mixture around the mozzarella with your hands. Make sure to seal it, otherwise the mozzarella will melt out. Do the same for the remaining chunks of salmon mixture.

Step 5:

Heat a dash of olive oil on a medium flame. Roll each ball in the remaining egg mixture, before rolling in breadcrumbs. Place them gently into the pan.

Step 6:

Make sure each side is golden brown before removing from the pan.