Mint Leaves

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Dried mint leaves are refreshing, sweet and tangy in flavour. Mint is the main flavour in chewing gum, toothpaste and hard-boiled sweets. However, there is far more to this hardy herb!

This herb is incredibly versatile within Middle Eastern and Indian Cooking to brew into teas, swirl thorough yoghurt, add to dips and garnish soups, stews and curries.

Mint Leaves are a key element in Tzatziki (Greek cucumber yoghurt dip), mint sauce and coriander and mint raita. Mint loves to pair with potatoes, peas and chocolate. Try one of our recipes for Kookoo Sabzi, Spiced Lamb Balls or Tabouleh Salad.


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Ideally used in: Dressings Marinades Soups Stews

Excellent with: Lamb Pulses Rice Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian


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