Sri Lankan Curry Blend

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Gluten Free

Gluten free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% Natural

100% natural

Packed in UK

Hand packed in UK

Sri Lankan Curry Powder is a mix of sweet, tart and fruity flavours. Seven spices make up this wonderfully versatile blend, which is used for a multitude of Sri Lankan dishes. This curry powder works great with a range of ingredients from coconut milk to tomatoes!

Sri Lankan food is adored by the masses due to its exciting mix of colours and flavours. Known to elevate fish to new heights, this blend will make a traditional monkfish curry and Sri Lankan Shellfish Curry.

While there are some similarities, Sri Lankan Curry Powder stands out for its bold, intense depth of flavour. In general, they often tend to be a little bit spicier, using a much higher amount of dried red chillies in comparison with Indian curries. This version would be described as medium heat.

In Sri Lanka, it is common for households to grind their own curry powder using traditional methods. This allows for the preservation of authentic flavours and the flexibility to adjust the spice blend according to personal preferences.

Fish not for you? Try using it with beef, chicken, tofu and even vegetables. If you want a quick meal, try our Sri Lankan Curry Sauce 

We also offer the option to buy Sri Lankan spice mix in a spice tin.


Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Sri Lankan Curry Blend

  1. Chris

    Excellent flavour good value delivered on time we use it for curry wurst

  2. C

    Amazing flavours, great price and swift delivery.

  3. Tracey Gerrard

    Love the flavours as like so many others used in Hellofresh, and smells amazing. I work with a Sri Lankan Dr so I bought 2 so he can do a taste test! 😋 will buy again.

  4. Sara Owczarczak- Garstecka

    I bought it after having it in the recipe box and being super impressed with it. Possibly the best dhal I ever made and I made quite a few before.

  5. Jon Gibirdi

    I bought this recently and it smells amazing. I’ve yet to cook with it. Impressed with the things I bought, speed of delivery and the product catalogue I requested is so good. Definitely re ordering soon

  6. melinda

    I have used with with chicken& courgette pasta dish and it is absolutely gorgeous. Such a nice subtle soice

  7. Emily

    Fantastic! Made a lovely dhal and chicken kottu 😄

  8. Sarah Matthews (verified owner)

    Really good will always by products from here so much better than a supermarket

  9. Mandy Sinfielf

    Love this Sri Lankan spice and have ordered many of the other blends to try

  10. lisa davies

    I’ve not used this yet but from past experiences I know it’s going to be good. Seasoned pioneers are a great find and they are my new go to spice gurus

  11. Anne Tennant (verified owner)

    There are certain important things in my life – these are my daughters, my man, and Seasoned Pioneers : not necessarily in that order!! ——- Seasoned Pioneers are a small company who have never let me down – their efficiency puts other larger companies to shame – they are friendly and informal and their products are superb.

  12. Lindsey Elliott (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this when used in a Hello Fresh meal. Had to get it for myself. I rave about it to friends and family! Yum.

  13. sharonmcg1971 (verified owner)

    Wonderfully fresh and fragrant. Great packaging which will help keep it that way. Super fast delivery.

  14. david.a.burgess (verified owner)

    Love it. Used it in HelloFresh recipes and really pleased I bought some. I can’t believe how quickly the order arrived either. Great customer service

  15. sboff88 (verified owner)

    Love it… I’m not good with curry spices probably as I don’t like things hot and when I make it, it tends to end up hot but I had this recipe from hello fresh and it was delicious, flavoursome but not hot. Husband loved it to so had to get some of the spice mix to be able to make it again and again. (Couldn’t wait so made it the day the spices came and got it again this week)

  16. Linda (verified owner)

    Superb. Used in Hello Fresh recipe, liked it so much decided to get some.

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Gluten Free

Gluten free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% Natural

100% natural

Packed in UK

Hand packed in UK

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