Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder

Understanding Spices

The fresh dark green, glossy leaves of the Kaffir lime tree are used to impart a refreshing aromatic lemon and lime flavour into Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisine.
An unusual double leaf shape, resembling an hour-glass, the whole leaves are extensively used in soups and curries. Finely shredded Kaffir lime leaves are often added to Asian salads and fishcakes.
However, the fresh leaves are not always readily available and whole leaves require removal from a dish prior to eating, similar to when using bay leaves in Western cuisine.
When picked, dried and ground into a fine powder, the intense flavour and aroma of Kaffir lime is captured, ready to conveniently add to your Asian dishes, ensuring delicious authentic results.
The powder is especially versatile as it can also be used in desserts, sauces, biscuits or marinades, in fact any time that a distinct and exotic citrus flavour is desired.

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