Exotic Mixed Peppercorns

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Exotic mixed peppercorns are fit for royalty! The hand-blended mix contains some of the world’s finest peppercorns; white, black, pink, green, cubeb, Sichuan pepper, Allspice berries and Grains of Paradise. Their warming, fruity and sweet flavours are married to change up the peppermill on your table.

The exotic mixed peppercorns are excellent in peppercorn sauces or used as a crust on steak. Try using as a garnish on eggs benedict, avocado toast and cheese sauces. They also work with lean Game.

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1 review for Exotic Mixed Peppercorns

  1. Staale Vestad (verified owner)

    I love these peppercorns. Excellent pepper for daily use.

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