Sel Gris

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Sel Gris, or Grey Salt, is a coarse salt like sea salt in texture. It has a complex taste of minerals and unrefined natural sea salts.

Sel Gris is hand-harvested from the same salt pans as Fleur de Sel. However, Sel Gris meets the bottom of the pans (oeillet) that collect the water. The salt is then hand-raked daily from the bottom of the brine.

To prevent contamination during the harvesting process, a layer of clay protects the Sel Gris from meeting the silt at the bottom. Once raked to the sides, the salt is left to dry before being stored. Typically, 40 – 75kg can be harvested in one day.

Due to its coarseness, Sel Gris can be used as both a cooking salt and a finishing salt. It pairs well with hearty and heavy cuts of meat such as beef, lamb and even root vegetables.


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