Hot Toddy Spice Mix

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Cinnamon, cloves, lemon and nutmeg make up this Hot Toddy Spice Mix. Traditionally, a hot toddy is prepared with whiskey, water, spices and honey. The spices are associated with many old wife’s tales to combat colds and cases of flu.

The origins of this drink are unknown. Some believe the word ‘toddy’ originates from India. Others believe that doctors prescribed the drink as a remedy to help with sleep and symptoms of influenza.

Our pack of Hot Toddy Spices can make between 6 and 8 batches, with full how-to instructions on the back. Alternatively, follow our recipe here.


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Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

Cinnamon, Clove Buds, Lemon, Nutmeg


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