Garlic Powder Smoked

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Gluten Free

Gluten free

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Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

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100% natural

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Smoked garlic powder is smoky and pungent in flavour. We create this at Seasoned Pioneers by oak smoking our roasted garlic powder. This forms a deliciously mellow, smoky alternative that imparts deep, aromatic flavours to its dishes. Using smoked garlic powder is convenient, eliminating the need for smoking the garlic cloves yourself, which can be time-consuming and requires specialised equipment!

Smoked garlic powder is great for rubs and marinades. Try at your next barbecue with a little hot paprika, coriander seeds, a glug of oil and splash of vinegar. Try adding to Italian dishes like bolognese, or in paella and macaroni cheese.

This ingredient is really versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes, from meats and vegetables to sauces, dips and even baked goods, infusing them with a smoky twist. It provides a consistent and uniform smoky flavour throughout your dish that’ll ensure every bite carries that distinctive taste.

Even when preparing dishes indoors, the smoky aroma of the garlic powder can evoke the feeling of outdoor cooking and grilling!


Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Garlic Powder Smoked

  1. Jamie

    Love the deeper garlic flavour it gives to all my dishes!

  2. Martin

    Absolutely stunning product I think I first found this stuff in a brick and motor store somewhere. It has become a staple for me. The smoke balance is perfect and the quality of the product is great. I pretty much buy all my herbs and spices from Seasoned Pioneers now, but this definitely the one that hooked me.

  3. Jane Barnes

    So much yum! I order from Canada. It’s worth the shipping. I’ve found a couple of other smoked garlic seasoning closer to home, but they all have other seasonings in them as well (and I own them), but Seasoned Pioneers are, so far, the only ones I’ve found with straight smoked garlic powder. Thank you!!

  4. Christina Morris

    Just love this product. Staple in m6 cupboard.

  5. Julie (verified owner)

    I would not want to be without this in my kitchen, it adds such a deep flavour to meals.

  6. arandall1 (verified owner)

    Perfectly packed, perfect delivery, perfect taste, in fact a perfect product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

  7. Martin (verified owner)

    This stuff is just brilliant. I found this in a supermarket once, tried it on the off chance and have been hooked ever since.
    This ginger and a touch of nutmeg in everything!

  8. Pam Frost (verified owner)

    Versatile and delicious – hard not to stick it in everything!

  9. Stella (verified owner)

    Love this product – again originally bought in Sainsbury’s, but purchased this time on line. I started out fairly cautiously with it , but now it goes in almost everything I cook!

  10. samt14 (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, I have recommended it to everyone. It is fantastic. on prawns, makes frittata a thing of joy, but I add it to EVERYTHING I cook, it makes such a diffference to the taste, food is so short of flavour these days, this brings out all the taste. It makes Italian food taste like it actually smells, which I have not found with any other product, I have invariably been disappointed when I have gone to an italian restaurant, smells great, taste not so good, I now cook mine at home and get all the flavour I love thanks to this smoked garlic.

    Because it isn’t a salt, you can add as much as you want, not that you need lots of this, it is an absolutely marvellous product. I can’t praise it hightly enough, Sainsburys did me a favour stopping stocking it, it is actually cheaper to buy direct and I have been really pleased with the sales and service, Can’t fault.

  11. Catherine (verified owner)

    I love this powder, in fact, I’m addicted to it. I put it on everything I eat. First bought it in Sainburys and it’s very annoying that they don’t stock it now but at least they got me started on it. However, it is very easy and quick to order from Seasoned Pioneers so I haven’t looked back. Thank you for stocking this scrumptious item

  12. Patricia (verified owner)

    William – September 8th 2016.

    As with previous reviewers, I had purchased the garlic powder from our local Sainsbury store. Sadly they no longer stock the product so I ordered it on line. Seasoned Pioneers processed the order efficiently and it was dispatched and received very promptly, excellent service and their other products also look enticing. We would not be without the seasoning and use it practically on a daily basis with soups, sauces, on all form of meat and fish dishes, with pasta and pizzas. It gives excellent flavour and enhances many dishes.

  13. Mike (verified owner)

    This is amazing use it on steaks, mash potatoes, egg mayo virtually anything.
    used to get it from Sainsbugs but they have stopped selling it so ordered on line and it was delivered less than 24 Hrs. later-stunning service.

  14. gwynder

    This stuff is fantastic. Bought some at Sainsbury’s and just used some tonight in a red pepper and goats cheese pasta sauce instead of fresh garlic. I used a heaped teaspoon to flavour two servings of sauce – added it in with the onions and sauteed onions and garlic powder together. This worked really well – you could taste the smokiness of the garlic without it overpowering the dish. I’ll be using this a lot I think, and will likely be buying more and trying some of the other interesting herbs, spices and blends from these guys!

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Gluten Free

Gluten free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% Natural

100% natural

Packed in UK

Hand packed in UK

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