Mindful Chef Spices – Eat Well. Live Better

Mindful chef was founded by two friends Myles Hopper & Giles Humphries back in 2015. Their shared interest in nutrition and ambition to help others with easy, healthy meals brought Mindful Chef to life. Their business has gone from strength to strength and now the brand is known all around the UK. Mindful Chef have managed to sell over 20 million meals and is constantly growing!

Mindful Chef Cookbook

In 2017 Mindful Chef released a cookbook called Eat Well. Live Better which we have purchased and love seeing what they have created.

It’s not only full of nutritional recipes using amazing herbs and spices, but an insightful look into the beginnings of their business and helpful information about how to ‘better your life’; with sections like ‘Exercise’, ‘Sleep’ and ‘Stress’.


There is a great section with exercising advice to go along with healthy eating. They also link recipes that will help with an exercise routine, with handy sections for you skip to the page you need.  


There are pages full of useful information in the ‘Stress’ section of the book advising what food will help reduce stress or food to avoid during stressful times. This is where Mindful Chef go that extra mile to give helpful advice as well as sharing healthy recipes.


Mindful chef also connects the dots with sleep and the connection to food and what we can do to make sure they both work in our favour! A lot of the ideologies in the cookbook Eat Well. Live Better turn to mental health and making you more aware of it and how diet can have an impact regard maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

‘A Mindful Week’

A favourite section of the cookbook is ‘A Mindful Week’ which gives an insight into the writer’s everyday lives and what they do to keep positive and healthy. This is a personal account but is great for readers to map out what they could change with their own routines too.

There is a good portion of the book that focuses on calories and how to eat ‘mindfully’ and that’s a brilliant tie in with their brand name. What the writers do well is not overload you with information but break this information down into categories so that you can see what relates to you.

Mindful Chef Herbs & Spices

Each Mindful Chef recipe shared in the cookbook includes many Mindful Chef herb and  spices that make healthy, flavourful dishes! It is clear that good quality produce is important to Mindful Chef and is another point of difference.

We pulled out a handful of the recipes from the book that stood out with fresh flavours and delicious ingredients. We suggest that you take a look at these.

Lamb Tikka Kebabs with dried apricot, cardamom, and cauliflower rice – the addition of cardamom brings the whole meal together. (pg 110)

Keralan Coconut & Monkfish Curry with Coriander Wild Rice, the image alone shows off the amount of flavour and spice in this dish! (pg 124)

There are some delicious vegetarian options in the book and Mindful Chef feel strongly about including some plant-based products in your meals.

Mexican Veggie Breakfast is a great take on brunch with a spoonful of paprika to really give it a kick. (pg 50)

Malaysian Tofu & carrot Noodle Laksa with flaked almonds sounds inviting and uses so many fresh ingredients! (pg 60)

There is such a variety of amazing Mindful Chef herb and spices used in the book, we thought we would list the most common ones that you could easily find around our website if you were to make anything tasty from the cookbook. Spices mentioned in the Mindful Chef recipes include the following: Paprika, Cumin seeds, Ras el Hanout, Sesame Seeds, Cardamom pods, Harissa, Jerk Seasoning, Pink peppercorns, Garam Masala, Lemongrass stalks, Tamarind Paste, Oregano

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