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A DELIA SMITH ‘CHEAT’ INGREDIENT… tart, fruity flavour provides essential ‘tartness’ in many indonesian and asian dishes: curries, soups, marinades, pickles and chutneys. used in asia similar to the way lemon juice is used in the west.

  • Featured in Delia’s ‘Goan Lamb Xacuti’ recipe – ‘Delia’s How to Cheat at Cooking’ p143

the tamarind tree yields long seed pods with a hard, brown shell. contained within these pods are up to 12 seeds, surrounded by an edible sweet & sour fleshy pulp. the name ‘Tamarind’ is of Arabic origin, meaning ‘date of India’.

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Ideally used in: Curries Marinades Soups

Excellent with: Beef Chicken Fish Game Lamb Pork Seafood

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

3 reviews for Tamarind Paste

  1. Barbara Bacon (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. Makes a delicious tamarind and date chutney.

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    Frankly am still experienting with this but love the intensity and tartness. Gives a wonderful finish to fig and date chutney with a wedge of cheese

  3. rosiefinch11 (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this little pouch of tanginess! Made a fab tamarind and coconut rub for chicken and will use with a rice recipe from Amandip Uppal.

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