Virgin Islands Spiced Salt

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Virgin Islands Spiced Sea Salt is a Caribbean salt blend made up of sea salt, nutmeg, clove, rosemary and thyme. This has a wonderfully rounded, sweet peppery flavour with herbal notes. It is a great finishing and cooking salt.

Speculation suggests that the British Navy are to thank for the availability of the all-purpose salt within the UK. This is because they previously made frequent stops at the Virgin Islands because they are a British territory. Nowadays the salt is used on the islands for curing meats and fish as well as seasoning dishes.

Now, this blend can be used as an all-purpose seasoning in a similar way Lemon Pepper and Wild Herb Cooking Sea Salt are used. Try rubbing into pork or lamb shoulder!

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Ideally used in: Condiment Rubs

Excellent with: Beef Chicken Fish Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Vegetarian

2 reviews for Virgin Islands Spiced Salt

  1. Margaret Boustead (verified owner)

    Brilliant salt adds amazing flavour to savoury dishes along withthe other spices you can layer flavours.

  2. Staale Vestad (verified owner)

    Will order again!

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