Goan Xacuti Curry Powder

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A DELIA SMITH ‘CHEAT’ INGREDIENT… authentic curry blend originating from Goa. Poppy Seeds, Coriander and Cinnamon give it a subtle sweetness while the Red Chillies give the blend its kick. Great with fish or chicken.

  • Featured in Delia’s ‘Goan Lamb Xacuti’ recipe
    (‘Delia’s How to Cheat at Cooking’ p143)

100% natural ingredients – free from oil, preservatives, additives and refined sugar – roasted, hand-blended and packaged in the UK

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(8 customer reviews)

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Ideally used in: Curries Rubs Stews

Excellent with: Chicken Fish Pork Seafood Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

8 reviews for Goan Xacuti Curry Powder

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    I first experienced Xacuti curry in Goa, then tried to track down suppliers of the basic curry in U.K. At last, I have discovered “Seasoned Pioneers” and their curry powder is as good as I remember !

  2. elizjduffy (verified owner)

    I decided to order the Goan Xacuti Curry Powder as a change from my usual curry spices and have to say I wasn’t dissapointed. As with all Seasoned Pioneers products the level of flavour and spice was spot on. I used the recipe from the product page, which was very simple to make and tasted delicious. Fantastic !

  3. G Ashton (verified owner)

    Reasonably hot, sweet (but not because of added sugar) with beautifully rounded curry flavours – without doubt, this is a superb curry mix. My absolute favourite tbh. Delicious!!

  4. fionaminto (verified owner)

    Ordered this Goan curry powder & delivery was really fast, thank you. Fabulous product and it’s delicious in Thai chicken soup 🙂

  5. fio.ew (verified owner)

    Love this curry powder, ordered it originally to make Delia Smith’s recipe and now use it regularly with lamb or chicken. Good quality product with a decent heat.

  6. bpdornan (verified owner)

    Got some xacuti powder from a friend in Goa.When it ran out,I ordered some from seasonedpioneers.
    A speedy,excellent service,produced a brilliant mix…dare I say it,even better than the original.

  7. welshgazza2 (verified owner)

    Bought this product a good few times also bought the equivalent in Goa initially its not as good but very close the original has a bit more black pepper but that’s easy added .we have a streetfood truck so I’m selling it we do a Goan style seafood curry pot with buttermilk fried catfish crispy squid and steamed shrimp check out our Facebook page jaxsnax at the marina

  8. IRINI SKLAVOUNOU (verified owner)

    The people in this shop are very helpful and polite.

    The Goan Xacuti curry powder is a very good product, it’s a must for my cooking and I’m happy I found it in the Seasoned Pioneers shop. I will buy more

    stuff from them in the future. I definitely recommend this shop!

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