Chilli Powder

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Gluten free

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% natural

Hand packed in UK

Chilli Powder is an EXPLOSIVE blend of four different chillies! We combine chipotle, habanero, ancho and cayenne with garlic and cumin to create a highly versatile and spicy seasoning. The blend is perfect to add a hot kick to any meal!

An alternative to using ground chillies, the Chilli Powder is a powerhouse spice mix and a staple for all Tex-Mex cooking. It is perfect for Chilli con Carne, smoky baked beans, tacos and sauces for enchiladas.

We dare you to unlock the endless possibilities this blend has to offer!

Also known as Chili Powder.


Chipotle Powder

Ancho Chillies Ground

Habanero Chillies, Ground

Cayenne Chillies, Ground

Garlic Powder Roasted

Cumin Seeds White, Whole

Oregano Leaves, Wild-Grown

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Chilli Powder

  1. Emily

    Always fresh, always tasty and gluten free. Seasoned Pioneers are my go to spice company now, excellent quality and choice. The chilli powder is on my repeat order list!

  2. emstert (verified owner)

    Delicious and fresh, thank you. Packaging very convenient as well.

  3. Deborah Moore (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this chilli powder. It’s fab in curries but especially good in chilli con carne. Have recommended it to many friends. You don’t need much more than a teaspoon to give a good kick of flavour to spicy dishes.

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Gluten free

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% natural

Hand packed in UK

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