Poudre De Colombo Spice Blend

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Gluten free

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100% natural

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Poudre de Colombo, or Colombo Curry, is a wonderfully mild curry powder with a beautiful golden hue. Originating from the Caribbean, the powder contains sweet, lemony notes of coriander, fenugreek and clove. These soft flavours complement the earthiness of turmeric and cumin. This curry powder is not spicy, although subtle notes of brown mustard and black pepper give the blend a pleasant warmth.

Poudre de Colombo curry powder is used to make traditional Colombo, which is a thick curry from the West Indies. The meal is typically made with chicken, goat, lamb or pork. It also works great with salmon or trout!

It’s believed that Poudre De Colombo curry powder originated from the immigrant plantation workers who came via trade routes from Sri Lanka, where the capital is of course called Colombo. It reflects the fusion of African, Indian and Creole culinary traditions throughout the Caribbean, combining flavours and spices commonly found in Indian curries with local Caribbean ingredients. You’ll find it in particular use on French-speaking islands like Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Marin and St Barts.

The multifaceted blend was lucky enough to be featured in Delia Smith’s cookbook ‘How to Cheat at Cooking’. Poudre de Colombo is used in the recipe for Colomban Chicken Coconut Curry on page 115.

This sweet, mild curry powder can be used as an alternative to Indian curry powder. Try our recipes for Coconut Curry, Fish Colombo Curry or Spiced Sweet Potato Soup. How about mixing with some Crème Fraiche to make a coronation base sauce or dip?

Also available in an organic version here!


Reviews (19)

19 reviews for Poudre De Colombo Spice Blend

  1. Paul

    A sweet and mild curry powder – perfect for Coronation Chicken. So much more flavour than a standard korma powder.

  2. Lisa

    used in my Coconut Caribbean soup, it was perfect

  3. Peter Boone

    This is the best poudre de Colombo on sale. A little goes a long way. It’s also supplied to Hello Fresh who seek the finest ingredients.

  4. Katrina

    Used to make the Hello Fresh Caribbean soup as others have said, fast delivery and very tasty!

  5. katbee.butler (verified owner)

    This is the first time we’ve tried Poudre de Columbo. I made it up as per the packet instructions for fish. I made Egg Curry with it and included some peas, The warm spices and coconut flavour are beautiful together. Looking forward to trying it as a rub or marinade on fish. Have added it to my favourites list!

  6. Jo (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have ordered this spice blend, it is excellent. I use it in a recipe I have for a daal with lentils, beans and coconut milk. Bought 2 packs this time I intend to try using it in some other ways. Service really good, it arrived promptly.

  7. emilydenton (verified owner)

    This is amazing! I used it for a Caribbean chilli and it was perfect!

  8. cbliss (verified owner)

    I also made the Caribbean coconut soup from Hello Fresh and loved it. Had a vegan coming round for dinner so this was a perfect dish to make. I sent an email asking if my order could be despatched asap and I could not fault the way my order was handled, acknowledge and package delivered in 2 days. Now I have discovered this little gem of spice suppliers I will use again and already told my friends and your local!!! Excellent spices and excellent service . Thank you

  9. mariaalexandrahall (verified owner)

    Made the coconutty Caribbean soup from hello fresh and it was just as tasty as the first time we made it. Love that I now have a stash to make more in the future 🙂

  10. keoghrosemary54 (verified owner)

    Bought this spice as we had used it in a hello fresh receipe for roasted carrots and Dahl. We have just made it again it is lovely. I am waiting to go through the catalogue with my daughter so that we can order some more unusual spices. Good customer service as well

  11. Jo (verified owner)

    Bought this especially for the Hello Fresh Carribean Chilli – it’s amazing!

  12. Kate (verified owner)

    Delicious – used it in Hello Fresh Carribean Chilli

  13. shellbabe (verified owner)

    This is an example of a perfect combination of spices to produce an exceptional blend that has all the flavour of a caribbean curry without the heat, perfect for younger children when just introducing new tastes to their food, also great for people who’s palate can’t take a lot of heat. I usually blend my own spice mixes but after discovering this web site via Hello fresh and trying the product’s it’ll save me time and the ones I’ve already tried are the best and most authentic, also the prices are exceptional good. Happy to give a 5 star rating in fact this blend in particular needs a 10 *

  14. Cathy (verified owner)

    Was really pleased to find this at a reasonable cost to enable me to re-create one of my favourite hello fresh recipes, it worked really well.Also very easy to reseal to keep it fresh and usable.

  15. Catherine (verified owner)

    Oh my god I luv this company, Iv ordered so many spice mixes everyone PERFECT

  16. Madeline (verified owner)

    Used this in a Caribbean coconut soup, lovely spicy flavour but not too hot. I will be using it a lot. Arrived quickly after ordering.

  17. Roger (verified owner)

    Lovely mature mellow flavour. Excellent delivery.

  18. Suzie (verified owner)

    As above, I used a HelloFresh soup recipe – have ordered several packs for family/friends as it is so delicious

  19. Patsy (verified owner)

    Used this to make a Coconut Caribbean Soup – absolutely scrummy and my friends demanded the recipe. Big winner 🙂

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Gluten Free

Gluten free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% Natural

100% natural

Packed in UK

Hand packed in UK

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