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Ground Spices

The majority of whole spices are available to buy in a ground format offering great convenience of use and value for money. Contrary to popular belief, if you choose high quality ground spices or spice powders from a respected supplier they will be just as aromatic and flavoursome as if you bought them as whole spices. Additionally, when buying our spices you are guaranteed that they will not be adulterated with other ingredients, but will be the pure spice.

We use professional grinding equipment and consequently we are able to offer you an extensive selection of pure ground spices to buy online. We grind spices to varying textures from coarsely ground spice to a fine spice powder. At home, a traditional mortar and pestle or an electric coffee grinder are the preferred methods. If you do use a coffee grinder it should be kept purely to use to grind spices to prevent the powerful flavours affecting the taste of your coffee.

Ground Spices

Some spices are only ever used in their ground format, such as Paprika, Asafoetida and Amchoor. However, many others such as Turmeric, Nutmeg, Cloves, Cardamom and Fenugreek are available to buy as whole spices or ground spices. Other spices are ground very finely and are often referred to as a spice powder, an example being Laos powder, which is ground Galangal root.

Indian spices are traditionally dry-roasted prior to grinding, a process which releases their volatile oils, enhancing the flavours and aromas. Cumin and Coriander are examples of these, so in addition to supplying the whole seeds, we also supply them roasted and ground, ready to easily add to your Indian recipes.

Although some cuisines tend to use whole herbs and spices in their cooking, others favour the use of ground spices, particularly the more delicate dishes of China and Japan. For instance the spice powders of Star Anise and Cassia Bark are widely used in Chinese cuisine. Consequently they are available as either whole or ground spices which enables them to subtly flavour stir-fried dishes, noodles and dim sum.

Spices from the Americas are also used in both forms, such as Allspice Berries and Annatto Seeds. A classic American spice powder is File powder, the dried ground leaves of the Sassafras tree. Not widely available in the UK, it is the essential ingredient in Gumbos as it both thickens and seasons the Cajun stews.

When using ground products from Seasoned Pioneers, the colour, flavour and aroma of the spices will remain fresh for a considerable length of time. This is because they are all packed in our unique resealable foil pouches, which if used correctly, exclude light and air, significantly prolonging the lifespan of the contents thus giving great results in your cooking time after time.